Toxicology Panels

Clinical toxicology deals with the identification of chemicals, drugs, or toxins present in samples of urine and/or blood.


Everything you need

Collection packet provided for easy collection and return to the lab. Return shipping and or courier is included.

Quick Online Results

Reports available in 24-48 hours. Online result reporting through our HIPAA compliant portal.

Accurate and Reliable

Sensitivity: > 99%
Specificity: > 99%


Our labs utilize LC-MS/MS for analytical quantification. This technology filters analytes of interest from interfering substances which prevents false negatives and false positives. As a significant improvement over the existing MS methodology, LC-MS/MS provides rapid, unequivocal, and quantitated tests of targeted drugs at trace levels in a complex matrix. Every test sample undergoes three levels of review, this means you can trust the results when making pain management decisions for your patients.