Medication Management

Medication Management Pharmacogenomics (PGx)

Genetic test for response to Cardiovascular, Pain, Psychiatric, Anesthesia and General Health medications.

Med Management

Genetic Analysis

Analyzes 3 gene panels (General, Cardiac, Pysch and Pain Management) for genetic variations that may change the way a patient metabolizes medications.

Everything you need

Saliva or Buccal swab test packet provided for easy collection and return to the lab. Return shipping and or courier is included.

Quick Online Results

Results available in one week. Online result reporting through our HIPAA compliant portal.

Genetic Counseling Available

Genetic Counseling is offered as an additional service.


Pharmacogenetic testing (PGx) helps your doctor select the right drug and the best dose for you. Not all people respond to standard medication dosage.

A PGx test analyzes genetic variations that may impact your response to certain medications. Your doctor can act on the results to prescribe medications with less risk of side effects, including bad reactions. PGx testing helps your doctor find the most effective medication and dose for you.

We offer Cardiac, Psychiatric, Pain, Anesthesia, and General PGx tests that look for gene variations that affect how your body’s enzymes work.

Enzymes are involved in all of your body’s functions. Some enzymes break down food inside the body, while others break down medications. Our tests analyze genetic variations that affect specific enzymes abilities to metabolize certain medications. A family of enzymes that we test is called the ”P450 enzymes.” These enzymes break down up to 80 percent of all medications.