Medication Management

Cardiovascular Conditions / Cardiomyopathy

Genetic testing to evaluate risk of inherited heart disease or conditions.
Cardio testing

Genetic Analysis

Analyzes up to 150 clinically relevant genes for genomic mutations associated with cardiovascular conditions.

Everything you need

Buccal swab test packet provided for easy collection and return to the lab. Return shipping and or courier is included.

Quick Online Results

Results available in three weeks. Online result reporting through our HIPAA compliant portal.

Genetic Counseling Available

Genetic Counseling is offered as an additional service.


Across many cardiac conditions, genetic testing can make a difference. Genetic testing can offer actionable insights for many cardiovascular conditions including arrhythmias, aortopathies, and lipidemias, as well as many cardiomyopathies. The results can pinpoint the underlying cause of a condition, support a clinical diagnosis, and inform selection of the most effective treatments.