About Us

Who We Are

Standing Bear Diagnostics is a sales and marketing company providing best-fit diagnostic laboratory services to your business. We maintain a network of relationships with reliable laboratories to ensure next-generation precision diagnostic testing. 

We are unique in the customer service we provide to our clients. We invest significant time and resources learning about each clients’ needs and understanding their distinctive internal processes. For a long-term, successful relationship, we believe this is critical. Our services are customized with proactive account managers focused on delivering the services promised in the most efficient means possible.

Our methodology is simple. We start by meeting with prospective clients in their space to understand workflow and internal processes. This hands-on approach allows us to discover subtle workplace interactions that phone calls miss. After an analysis of your needs, we formulate an accurate and honest assessment of how we may best provide for your business.

Once all are in agreement of what is required, we begin a comprehensive onboarding process with respect for our clients’ valuable time. Our account managers are attentive throughout the implementation and production phases with an emphasis on communication for all parties involved.

In a short amount of time, the flow of testing and results becomes streamlined, and we move into account maintenance. From this point on Standing Bear Diagnostics becomes an integral part of your operations with ongoing proactive communication. We supplement our high level of service with data reviews and generation of usable, actionable reports to our valued clients.

Standing Bear Diagnostics believe clients should expect accurate, reliable, and fast turnaround of diagnostic testing. Treatment plans and best outcomes for patients rely on these tests and Standing Bear Diagnostics is committed to delivering what we promise.

Meet our Management Team

Sawan Hurst, BS, MS

Sawan Hurst, BS, MS

Chief Operations Officer

Alex Boyer, MD

Alex Boyer, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Victor Apat

Victor Apat

Chief Financial Officer


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